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Beauty of Bengal

From snow-capped mountains and breathtaking hill stations to the mesmeric coastal strips; and from enticing wildlife sanctuaries to the flora and fauna of the Gangetic Delta, the mother nature has gifted Bengal with an unparalleled treasure of ecstatic beauty. Bengal shares with Bangladesh the largest halophytic mangrove forest in the world known as Sundarbans, consisting of hundreds of species of trees, epiphytes, shrubs, and wild habitat. The rare species of tiger called Royal Bengal Tiger, a few hundreds of which remain today in this planet, are inhabitants of the forests of Sundarbans. The antiquity of the architecture of Bengal over the medieval, early modern, and modern periods is marked by the influences of different empires, dynasties, and colonial period. It was during the time of ancient Pala empire that Bengali architecture reached its pinnacle. The carved, moulded, and ornamented temples of unglazed clay in Bishnupur of Bengal beholds even today the hallmark of ancient Bengali architecture, Terracotta. The heritage buildings like Victoria Memorial, Raj Bhavan, and Writer’s Building in Kolkata serve as the testament of colonial era. The age-old trams and hand pulled rickshaws in conjunction with sprawling skyscrapers and flyovers blends the charm of the reminiscence of old days with modernity. From St. John’s Church to Kalighat Temple, and Jewish Synagogue to Nakhoda Mosque; the great city soaked in history has a place of worship for all. Kolkata has always been a home of people from all walks of life. The true beauty of Bengal and Kolkata lies in its unfathomable spirit of encompassing humanity, harmony, austerity, and unity in diversity.

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